2048: Planting Asses: Duh Visual Story POV

Planting Asses 2048

Daily Create TDC1116
Play the 2048 Planting Asses Edition Game

Got some help from the #ds106 #noir106 community. I thought I could use my own images – but flickr wouldn’t register with the Create 2048. Mia came to rescue and passed on what she learned – SKOR!

The back story to the image choices is that my husband likes to visit antique and collectible malls to investigate history and see the origins of innovations we use today. To keep me occupied I chose vintage planters, mostly anything pulling a cart as the subject, to search for and find as well as research the origin and histories. Unlike him – I would purchase and now have a collection of approximately 115 planters. Yeah – sounds like a hoarder! I do try to display them tastefully on each side of the window in our office room.


Then I tried playing the game with no understanding. Got over 1200 points but don’t know why. I was trying to get as many of my pics to show as possible before doing the screen shot for the tdc1116. Took me 7 times to get enough visuals and not have the game end with the game obstructed by share options.

Moving on – I realized there is some method to this game and visually it could be several stepping stones to creating a feeling of accomplishment for the player by the images building a story or upon each other. DUH! Visual story – #ds106 – practice different methods in a daily create to inspire and stretch a more finished complete creation. Maybe another attempt in the future. This tdc1116 did what it was designed to do start me thinking more like a storyteller instead of just using a tool. This revelation came from viewing and trying some other submissions.

Thanks to:


Liberate Art – “Share your art damnit!”

Liberate Art Cards

This daily create might have just a few too many details for the instructor led ds106 student to complete within the timeframe – but what a wonderful boost to get some art delivered to your snail mail right after spring break for an inspirational boost. Being in the open course, my flexibility fits nicely into this activity as well as bringing it into a personal path to completing it.

Participating also could be a way of extending and taking skills and ideas being developed from this #ds106 experience and realizing it is real world and is #4life in many ways. As my journey in becoming an independent learner and understanding how educators have a responsibility to help their students achieve learner independence in order to be the most successful individual they can be for life this postcard swap struck a chord. For more on the independent learner continuum and owning your own learning: Learning Independence Continuum and Executive Summary publications from the Institute @ CESA #1.

The postcard swap involves:

  • creation of art – whether it is traditional media, digital media, words, diy – whatever – it is the #ds106 premise – “make art damnit!”
  • it fosters community and connection and the importance of those concepts in life and work
  • it expands your box – brings diversity and individuals into your universe that you might not have otherwise encountered and opens new paths and ideas
  • allows one to be proud of what they create and provides an audience to share it with
  • Kat Sloma – the individual who started the swap states the following reasons.
    • To encourage artists to learn how to reproduce their artwork. Many people create original work, but don’t take the next step to reproduce their work to share. I would like you to learn how easy it is to create the postcards if you haven’t done this before.
    • To encourage connection between artists of different mediums from around the world.  Regardless of the medium we create in, we are all artists! I believe we have more inspiration for creation as we explore diversity in art and culture. Personal connections between artists enhance our art.
    • To encourage sharing of art with others. If you love to create but have a fear of sharing your work, this is a safe way to start. You can get your work out there in the swap, even without your name attached. Sometimes taking that little step is enough to push past long-held fears!
    • To give you some fun, happy mail! There is nothing better than visiting the letter box to find some wonderful piece of mail, is there? For a few weeks, you will receive pieces of art and encouragement from your fellow swap participants in the mail. It’s just plain fun!

      This all wraps up into the central idea behind the swap: Liberate Your Art into the world, where it can do its greatest good . Liberate Your Art 2015 Postcard Swap.

I would love that one of my postcards in return are from someone in #ds106 as well as knowing that #ds106 has infiltrated another segment of creators and will be discovered by those who receive a card. Time will tell. Enjoy the process if you can or bookmark it for 2016. 🙂

I will undoubtedly post as I get my cards in March and April and update followers through my Chasing Shiny Objects category. Can’t wait for the postman!

Droodle Doodle Call

Droodle Call

Droodle at a meeting (or elsewhere)
 tdc1114 (Submission stream from participants)

No meetings today – so doodled while having morning coffee and conversation. When I look back at notes from meetings – anything that still has a paper agenda has doodles!!

Some interesting articles and research on doodles:


A doodle from the other day…..

Another doodle

This daily create was done with low tech colored pens and paper. Digital photo of outcome uploaded to Flickr and shared.

Popcorn Snacking WordArt

Create a word painting tdc1113


Many of the challenges are tempting to take farther and probably will show up somehow in an assignment, a reflection, a more full production. HAvE TO REMEMBER TO KEEP THEM IN PLACE! Enjoy them, have fun with them and think of them as my “sloppy copies” of great things to come!. I am pacing and repeating to myself to stick within a 10-20 minute timeframe so they become the appetizers or the energy juice towards a fuller more detailed creation. These are not suppose to be more than just playing with ideas and looking at things you might not have done otherwise. To create something each day and see how it may one day grow into a more complete creation. Also to keep one open to new ideas, processes and opportunities. Staying the course keeps it within reality and doable without losing out on the opportunity to create and stretch mind and imagination.

For this one I used a photo I took and added the word art through Photoshop.

DIY, Errands, Relax-One Day Collage

My Day Collage

Compose one photo that consist of at least 10 photo of your day. Starting with the morning and ending with the night. A collage of your day. tdc1112

Had to remember to take a picture at different times during the day. Also forced me to get into Picasa in order to create the collage and keep it all under 20 minutes of effort for the day. Not an exciting day – but a productive one. All this creating got me to wanting to create in my environment – my home. Walls in the basement were taped and ready for paint and have been since we moved in 7 years ago! So today, primed and painted! Love all this creating!!

Eyes Have It


eye selfie

Make your eye selfie to support the idea of interpersonal attentiveness and become part of the art installation now doing the rounds in Europe.

One of the tasks that breaks the illusion of who you are and what you look like. I see age and a longer journey in my eyes that is not present in others. It also brings to reality that from the other side of the lens you see yourself differently. The outside packaging doesn’t always match what is inside. 🙂

Also have now learned that when cropping and editing a photo it may not pull into the dailycreate stream nicely – all I have is part nose and edge of glasses in the stream LOL. Oh well – maybe it gets people to click and move farther than they would otherwise…..yup, I am going with that thought – just trying to help community connections. 🙂

Really don’t like this one. Where did all those wrinkles come from?!! It is so not the view from the other side eyesof the lens!  As a photograph I do like it – the lighting the highlights and shadows. 57 years but hoping and working towards another 30+ to go and have no intention of my inside being anything like the outside as I go forward. Too much to learn, too much to experience and too many people to meet. Love diversity and change. Thanks for the companionship along the path of life – no matter who you are.

Groove Space Feline

TDC1109: Make a cat, on a synthesiser, in space.

Groove Space Feline

I am anxious to get some felt tip pens and markers for drawing exercises as Sketchnoting for Beginnerswell as trying my hand, eye, and mind in sketchnoting by reviewing the work of Sylvia Duckworth and others. .

But I also need to jump into some image manipulation as well. So for this daily create I downloaded a trial of Photoshop to create the drawing. I have Adobe CS6 suite and have not used it – but it is on my desktop and was a lot more comfy in my chair in the living room to do this tonight. (explains the 30 day trial)

Was good to get into PS and have things like layers etc. come back a little bit.

From the submissions available when writing this post – this is the one that more meets what I also had in my brain. Janelle Pierangelino has my vote for the best!

Cat on a Synthesizer in Space


Have you ever just felt framed? I am working alongside some classes in ds106 by participating in the Open Course option. January 2015 has 3 sections with instructors in various locations and then a few of us in the Headless Open Course. The instructor led course sections  are taking a different slice and moving through the ds106 experience as “noir” and “noir film”. As I move thru the open course – I may take on some “noir” – once I figure out what it is and what it means. From some quick scans – I see hats and 1930-40’s film references. Somewhat inspired, until I figure out what it is – thought being framed and in hat and in amongst art seemed appropriate for this 2nd unit and the daily create.

TDC1108 Take a picture of you wearing something camouflage, camouflaging yourself in somewhere or anything that you see that is camouflage.


From my involvement in 365 and Daily Shoot – self portraits are like poison! But this challenge made it a little fun and easier to take a picture of myself. Thanks to Mia Boleis’ girafflage picture to get us started – it is so darn cute!!


Used my camera on continuous timed setting in order to get into place and get a few shots in a row. Sometime in the shoot, by focus went out and a few other things – hoping it is only the battery wearing down!

Stayed with the 10-20 minute rule on this one in order to begin to develop the habit and not make each day project productions. The variety is sure to keep the creative flow growing and add ideas to projects.

tdc 1106 – Packer Pets

tdc1106 : Take a photo of an animal doing something funny, kooky, suspicious, or odd. Get creative with it, and don’t just google “crazy cat pics”!

A challenge to photo a pet in action at anytime let alone as an assignment to happen in a certain day! Wisconsin is Packer Crazy – so the pets are in it as well. This is pre-game and everyone is going along with Aaron Rodgers with the montra of RELAX!  Go PACK Go!


Scrimmage Practice

tdc1102 Carry on Young Rider

Carry on Young Rider

It is a legacy forged by generations of people with a passion for motorcycling, a commitment to honor and build on the past, and the determination to seek out new opportunities for the future. Much like a family, gleesingkiddespite intermarriage and even close personal friendships, Milwaukee’s brewers were often an argumentative bunch.

Tonight, however, was different. About that time, Tom made the closest thing a five-year-old gets to make, an executive decision by abandoning kindergarten class for the verdant hills and playground of Riverside Park.


tdc1102    5 in 1 Story

Grab the 5 nearest books around you. (Novels or textbooks, whatever story you’re wanting to make.)

Create a story from the following:

  • The first sentence on p. 1 of the first book.
  • The seventh sentence on p. 5 of the second book.
  • The first sentence of the third paragraph on p. 20 of the third book.
  • The fifteenth sentence on p. 47 of the fourth book.
  • The last sentence on the last page of the fifth book.
  • Give it a catchy title!