As of February 1, 2015

new urlThank you to those who have chosen to subscribe to Digital Mustard or have gotten to this page from a link or other method

This is part of my learning process. I have taken on my own domain through ReClaim Hosting in order to learn, maintain, and control all aspects and components of my content and its presentation.

I chose ReClaim Hosting  based upon the great service reputation and product, along with the philosophy of supporting educators and institutions with the opportunity to have their own domain which they can own and control. They have established a fantastic methodology for getting up and running quickly as well as support for learning a little deeper the ways of managing your cyber infrastructure.

Thanks also to for providing great services for individuals who need to create a web presence in a digital environment, but chose not to focus on additional configurations. I still recommend for those who want to get started or need a reliable tool for publishing on the web. I will continue to work with others via this path as well.

Content up to January 31, 2015 will remain here – but has also been moved.

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